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Your Exclusive Barometer of Relationship Strength & Weakness

Deep Dialog is GuideStar's exclusive barometer of relationship strength and weakness. This concept is easily illustrated using GuideStar's Proximity Mapping analytic technique. The technique shows how your Deep Dialog is strongly related to other aspects of business relationships. It demonstrates how Deep Dialog Drivers and Deficits relate to business issues and outcomes that are important to your team or organization in a unique graphical format.

View the Correlation Between Deep Dialog and Relationship Measures
The example on this page shows how one of Deep Dialog's drivers, Bridging, relates to customers' views of their vendor organizations as a strategic partner and the likelihood of them recommending their vendor to others.

The real data used here, gathered from thousands of survey participants, shows that when customers have very low Bridging scores with their vendors, they are also highly likely to indicate poor partnering, as well as being unlikely to recommend the vendor to others.

The proximity map also shows that as Bridging scores increase, customers view vendors in an increasingly positive light, and their likeliness to recommend also increases. Customers who rate their relationships at the highest levels of Bridging also rated their views of the vendor as a strategic partner as excellent, and were very likely to recommend them to others.

Let GuideStar Research show you how Proximity Map analyses can be developed to illustrate correlations between many key survey variables for use in your executive presentations.

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