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GuideStar Research & ProActive, Inc.

GuideStar Research and Chicago-based ProActive Inc. have formed a strategic alliance.

This powerful combination means ProActive, a communications and events firm specializing in strategic services, production services and event management, now includes GuideStar’s exclusive Meeting Productivity Process (MPP) in its product and service arsenal. ProActive clients can now benefit from the pioneering meeting productivity and return-on-event research GuideStar previously provided only to its own client list.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to work with ProActive,” said Ira Kerns, GuideStar Research Managing Partner and Principal Consultant. “Our alliance means ProActive can catapult their efforts to strategically measure their clients’ return on large meeting investment.”

Working together, the two organizations can deliver significantly higher attendee satisfaction and a greater return on event for their clients. By employing the Meeting Productivity Process, or some of its individual elements, the organizations assure more efficient meeting designs, ones which are responsive to and satisfy their meeting stakeholders' most important needs, objectives, and preferences. This helps clients to dramatically improve the return on their Total Meeting Investment.

Best of all: The MPP is low-cost meeting insurance - MPP service costs average about 2%-3% of a company's total meeting investment. This comparatively modest cost assures that the remaining 98% of the meeting budget will be spent effectively and that a high ROE/ROI will be achieved and precisely measured.

To learn more, visit ProActive’s Web site at

Or learn more about GuideStar’s MPP now.


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