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Meeting Productivity Process Overview

The Meeting Productivity Process - Unleashing the Power of Meetings

Meeting Productivity Process (MPP), developed by GuideStar Managing Partner and Principal Consultant Ira Kerns, helps organizations improve the value and strategic business results of their large group meetings as well as measure the return on their meeting investment. GuideStar's expertise in developing and refining the MPP has produced extraordinary Return On Event (ROE) results for companies in a variety of businesses.

Powerful Results
The bottom line: MPP offers measurable, strategic business results. Plus:

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Read Article: Unleashing the Power of Meetings
  • Quantitative measurement of meeting results and determination of your
    Return On Event (ROE)
  • Reduced meeting costs and significantly higher value for all meeting stakeholders
  • Avoidance of the "speaker-driven meeting" syndrome by developing a more balanced, customer-responsive meeting

MeetingMetrics services, methods and online applications have been specifically developed and refined to meet the special needs of your large group meetings and meeting professionals. The process focuses on affecting people's understanding, opinions/attitudes, perceptions/beliefs, abilities, needs/preferences, intentions and behaviors: Core-7 Meeting Dimensions. This contrasts dramatically with traditional meeting research, which rates logistics and mechanics, presentations, breakouts, social activities, etc.

  • Pre-meeting, using confidential telephone interviews, tele-focus group sessions and surveys, GuideStar Research will quickly identify and provide the key information, measurable objectives and meeting design strategies meeting professionals need to develop a cost-efficient, high-value meeting. A meeting which will be on-target in addressing and satisfying the key Core-7 issues, concerns and needs of attendees while delivering powerful, measurable, strategic results for their company.
  • Post-meeting, GuideStar Research researches and analyzes attendee responses and produces a detailed, overall set of Post-Event Reports that includes a Return On Event (ROE) Report. These reports provide specific, quantified meeting results, post-meeting changes and calculations of the return on the client's total meeting investment (ROE). Clients know exactly how their meeting affected peoples' Core-7 Meeting Dimensions, can track post-meeting business results (ROE) and have the key information they need for follow through actions after the meeting and for future meeting planning.

While many clients use the complete pre-meeting through post- meeting process, you can also use individual services on an as-needed basis. The average cost of MPP services is modest, ranging between 1% - 4% of a client's total meeting budget, depending on the services provided and scale of the meeting.

MPP Training Workshops and MPP Consulting and Support Services provide meeting professionals the opportunity to build their own meeting productivity skills in-house. With basic MPP skills, meeting planners and meeting managers can provide MPP services at reduced cost levels, serve as strategic communications consultants and become more valued resources to their company's management team.

A much quoted and reprinted article by Ira Kerns provides an in-depth explanation of how the MPP works and the ROE results it has achieved for a number of major corporations.

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