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Maximizing and Measuring Large Group Meeting Results (ROE and ROI)


GuideStar Communications pioneered and is a leader in the field of measuring large group meeting results. The MPP; research methods, criteria and measurements for improving the results of large corporate meetings, was developed in the 1980's by Ira Kerns, GuideStar's Principal Consultant.

For over a decade now, the MPP has delivered dramatic, measurable results for many Fortune 500 companies.

Meeting Productivity Process (MPP) - (Overview of process.)

Core-7 Meeting Measurement Dimensions (What we measure)

GuideStar - Meeting Productivity Specialists (Our unique background and expertise in the field)

Return On Event (ROE\ROI) (Bottom line Meeting Result Examples)

MPP Project Briefs (Meetings and Events)

MPP Magazine Article (In-depth Explanation of MPP)   

A Client's Perspective (An American Express VP shares his views)   


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