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Our research collaboration with you does not stop with the surveys or the qualitative research that we conduct for you. Among our unique strengths: We work to actively transfer the knowledge and understanding that was gained through the research process and integrate it into your organization, reaching out to managers and professionals at all levels. This ensures that your organization uses the research findings, turning them into actionable plans to improve your organization's customer relationships and business outcomes.

GuideStar consultants make specific tactical and strategic recommendations based on the research findings. They conduct group presentations and follow through with face-to-face working sessions with key managers and groups in your organization to maximize the benefits you derive from understanding your customers better.

Customer Relationship Research Methods and Technologies
We conduct our research using the most appropriate and efficient blend of research methods to reach your key business populations wherever they are located, domestic or international.

  • Web-based surveys
  • Outbound telephone surveys
  • Inbound telephone surveys using IVR technology
  • Hand-held PDA device surveys
  • Fax-back surveys
  • Self-administered paper surveys
  • Focus groups (by phone or in person)
  • Structured and semi-structured interviews (by phone or in person)

GuideStar's Survey Message Management System (SMMS)
Our exclusive e-mail message management system lets you:

  • Set your system to automatically forward customer information for survey invitations directly to the SMMS on a one-time or ongoing, event-driven basis, creating true "hands-off" survey programs
  • Control for enterprise-wide surveying by setting rules to prevent over-surveying your customer base
  • Define your campaigns and send periodic reminders to non-responders only
  • Let customers opt-out at their discretion
  • Identify incorrect e-mail addresses from bounce-backs, make corrections and recycle

Online Reporting Center (ORC)
GuideStar's online reporting technology enables you to view your surveys results in real-time and create online reports for presentation. You can:

  • Track response rates and break them down by key segments in real-time
  • Create pre-set report formats to organize the findings
  • View results of statistical tests and modeling procedures
  • Track improvements over time
  • Display your findings flexibly, with user-selected segmentation of the results by any of the fields that you specify for data collection (e.g., by product, country, region, type of account, support technician, salesperson, etc.)
  • Drill-down to individual accounts, regions, or staff assigned to accounts
  • Prepare easy to read charts and tables with a series of mouse-clicks and view them on your desktop monitor, print them, download them to any MS Office Product, including PowerPoint slides, or e-mail them to your key staff
  • Set alerts to automatically notify one or more designated staff members in your organization when a customer submits a survey that meets your definition of a dissatisfied customer, a customer at risk, or a customer with a need for immediate intervention

Use the links included within this page to learn more about GuideStar Research and how we can help you to better understand the hearts and minds of your customers, improve your customer relationships and raise the level of your business success.

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